Finland then and now

The decades of Finland’s independence have seen several social, economic, scientific and technological changes. These are also clearly visible in statistics - statistics are a mirror of society.

Finland among the best in the world

Finland is a small country on a global scale. The population of Finland makes up just 0.07 per cent of the world's population and its area as much of the total world area. But even a small country can jump to the top of the world, and this is what Finland has done: in international country comparisons of positive things Finland is often among the top countries next to other Nordic countries.

The Finland among the best in the world list contains comparisons where Finland is among the best in the world.

Century comparisons

In the century comparisons we present the changes in society and daily life with the help of figures from the early years of independence and the present day. In addition to the website, the comparisons can also be found on Statistics Finland’s Twitter and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #centurycomparison.

The photos used in the comparisons are from the collections of Finnish museums.

We all are statistics

Statistics contain a lot of information on our society and also on everyday issues. What does the world look like in the light of statistics? Watch the video.