Press release 5.12.2011

Information package on transport published

The compilation of transport statistics, Transport and Communications Statistical Yearbook for Finland 2011 has been published. The volume published by Statistics Finland contains tables and figures on road, railway, water and air transport and communications, combined tables on all forms of transport and international comparisons. In addition to the newest annual data, the volume includes long time series and regional information.

Besides Statistics Finland, the data derive from VR-Group Ltd, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), Finavia and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The Transport and Communications Statistical Yearbook for Finland is in two languages, Finnish and English.

Extracts from the contents of the publication:

  • In 2010, 83 per cent of the 77,993 million passenger kilometres in domestic transport were driven with passenger cars, ten per cent with buses or coaches, five per cent with trains and two per cent with other vehicles.
  • At the end of 2010, the Finnish vehicle register contained 2,877,484 passenger cars, 226,877 motorcycles and 259,889 mopeds. The number of passenger cars increased by four, that of motorcycles by five and that of mopeds by eight per cent from the year before.
  • In 2010, 111,989 new passenger cars were registered, which is 24 per cent more than in 2009. Of the new passenger cars, 58 per cent were petrol-driven and 42 per cent diesel-driven.
  • In 2010, 272 persons were killed in road traffic. The number of deaths was 2.5 per cent lower than one year earlier. The number of persons injured in road traffic decreased by five per cent.
  • In 2010, there were still 3,172 level crossings. The number of level crossings has fallen by 2,564 from 1990.
  • Nearly 70 million passengers were transported in railway passenger transport in 2010 – of whom nearly 56 million in local transport in the Helsinki region.
  • Almost 60 per cent of the volume of goods transported by rail in 2010 contained wood and wood and paper industry products.
  • In 2010, over 17 million passengers were transported in international sea transport, which is 3.4 per cent more than one year before. Close on seven million passengers were transported to Estonia and more than nine million to Sweden.
  • In 2010, over 13 million tonnes of raw oil and other oil products were transported to Finland by sea. Nearly 15 million tonnes of sawn timber and other manufactured wood products were transported from Finland by sea.
  • In 2010, 0.8 million passengers departed from Finland on charter flights and 5.2 million on scheduled flights. The number of passengers on charter flights increased by three per cent and on scheduled flights by six per cent from the previous year. Charter flights were most often headed for Spain and scheduled flights for Germany.
  • Between 1990 and 2010, prices of domestic flights went up by 161 per cent, train journeys by 108 per cent and long-distance coach trips by 98 per cent. In the corresponding period, consumer prices increased by 41 per cent.
  • In 2010, the number of mobile telephone subscriptions per 1,000 people was 997 in France, 1,663 in Russia and 1,564 in Finland.

Source: Transport and Communications Statistical Yearbook for Finland 2011. Statistics Finland. Price EUR 75.

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