Data collection on occupations

Description of the data collection

The collection of data on occupations of the Employment Statistics is an inquiry concerning the occupations of persons employed by enterprises in December of the previous year.

The inquiry is sent annually between March and April.

From whom are data collected?

Whenever possible, the data on occupations are drawn from administrative registers.

The enterprises selected for the inquiry are unorganised enterprises, which are not included in the sample of Statistics Finland's wage and salary statistics. Some of the enterprises are also included in the data collection on personnel of multiestablishment enterprises for employment statistics, in which case the occupations are inquired in connection with this data collection.

Enterprises' obligation to provide the data is based on Sections 14 and 15 of the Statistics Act (280/2004, amended 361/2013). Notwithstanding the provisions on data secrecy, entrepreneurs are obliged to provide Statistics Finland with such data that are necessary for the compilation of statistics. By virtue of Section 21 of the Statistics Act, Statistics Finland is entitled to receive these data free of charge.

By virtue of Section 8 of the Statistics Act, data providers have the right to seek exemption from the obligation to provide data.

Data processing

Statistics Finland uses the data for the compilation of statistics and for conducting research. Data collected for statistical purposes must be kept confidential by virtue of Section 24, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 16 of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).

Data can also be be released for scientific research and statistical surveys.

Unit-level data on enterprises may only be handled at Statistics Finland by persons whose tasks require the use of such data.

The data are protected against improper use in accordance with the data protection regulations issued by Statistics Finland. The Statistics Act prohibits the use of data collected for statistical purposes in an investigation, surveillance, legal proceedings, administrative decision-making or other similar handling of a matter concerning the enterprise.

Data files formed of the supplied data will be archived until further notice.

What are the data used for?

Occupation is one of the key items of information describing the population, and comprehensive data on the occupations of the employed labour force are needed annually for planning of education, labour policy planning and as basic data for many types of surveys and studies.

According to Section 13 of the Statistics Act (280/20044, amendment 361/2013), Statistics Finland may release data for scientific studies and statistical surveys without data enabling direct identification and data with their identification data to another Finnish statistical authority for the purpose of compilation of statistics on an activity falling within its sphere of influence. In addition to Statistics Finland, the statistical authorities are the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Tike), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Finnish Customs. Data with identification data can also be released to cooperation between the EU's national statistical institutes (EC No 223/2009, Article 21).

In addition to what is provided for in Section 13, Subsections 1 to 3, Statistics Finland may release for use in scientific research or statistical surveys on social conditions data with identification data on a person's age, gender, education, occupation and socio-economic group provided that the recipient of the data is authorised to process such data under the Personal Data Act.

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

How often are data collected?