Instructions for responding

How were the respondents selected?

The respondents have been drawn randomly from Statistics Finland’s database on the population of Finland. The person selected to the survey can be any person aged 15 to 84 living in Finland.

How is the survey made?

The Finnish Travel Survey is implemented as a mixed mode data collection where the respondent can choose between responding on the web and a telephone interview. In the survey, information is asked about trips in Finland and abroad ending in the previous month. Travel includes both leisure trips and work-related trips.

How is the respondent contacted?

The person selected for the survey receives a letter from Statistics Finland concerning the survey. After this, the respondent can fill in the information on trips made by him/her ending in the previous month on the web form. If there are no trips at all, this information should be mentioned on the web form, too.

If the person selected for the survey does not complete filling in the form, Statistics Finland's interviewer will call him/her to make a telephone interview. The person selected for the survey can also contact Statistics Finland personally to set up a time for an interview. 

Who answers the questions?

The Finnish Travel Survey concerns only trips of the person selected for the survey. Trips in which the person selected for the survey has not taken part must thus not be reported in the survey. However, the person can ask help in filling in information on the trip in a situation where someone else has made reservations related to the trip or paid expenses for the trip.

Why is it important to participate in the survey?

It is very important that each person selected for the survey participates, as no respondent can be replaced with another respondent. One selected person represents over one thousand other persons living in Finland. Refusal to respond to the survey means that it is not possible to obtain as accurate information as needed about travel by persons in a similar life situation. Everyone's response is important in order for the published statistics to give a reliable and accurate picture of travelling by Finnish residents.


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