Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I have problems logging in, what to do?

In login problems it helps in some cases if you update the web page or empty the cache (e.g. Ctrl + F5) and try to log in again (if there is old page information in the browser memory, it may cause harm and updating the page can solve the problem). We recommend using the newest versions of the Internet Explorer browser (version 10 or newer) or Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Please check that the user ID and password are correct (uppercase and lowercase) and that your identifiers are for this particular data collection.

Why have we received this inquiry even though we are not involved in industrial production?

Registers do not provide reliable information on whether an enterprise is involved in industrial production. For this reason, it is sometimes the case that an enterprise selected for the inquiry would not in fact belong to it. If this should happen, please contact us ( and we will review your situation. Please note that data collection also applies to other industrial services (service, remodelling, processing, working and other such finishing, maintenance and repairs and installations).

Our enterprise no longer has operations (e.g. closed down, bankruptcy, merger, etc.). Do we have to respond to the inquiry?

You can notify us about the closure of production activities by email or telephone. More detailed information, such as the date of closing operation and parties of the merger should, however, be included in the message so we can pass the information on to our Business Register. Figures from the time before the change of operations should nevertheless be reported.   

Is the inquiry statutory?

The data supply obligation of enterprises is based on Section 14 of the Finnish Statistics Act (280/2004, amended 361/2013). Data are collected on the basis of a Council Regulation and a European Commission Regulation.

What kinds of sanctions will there be if we do not answer?

As a rule, enterprises answer well and we have not had any need for sanctions. In addition to exact figures we accept good estimates. You can contact us if you find it difficult to respond to the inquiry.

Can we get more time to answer?

More time is granted within strict limits. We also need time for reading and analysing the data so the data should be delivered as soon as possible. You can request more time by email or telephone.

Our turnover is small and industrial manufacturing is minor, can you remove us from your list?

You have met the criteria to be included in the sample. To ensure the quality of statistics, enterprises with minor industrial production are also needed in the inquiry.

The inquiry covers all enterprises with at least 10 to 20 employees and in certain cases smaller enterprises than this engaged in manufacturing activities (main groups B and C of the Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008). Significant (sufficiently large) manufacturing establishments of non-manufacturing enterprises are also included in the inquiry.

Can we be exempted because the inquiry would take too much resources from the enterprise?

Exemption is granted under exceptional circumstances. If we granted exemptions because of lack of resources or system renewals, the production of the statistics would be endangered. In practice, the only grounds for exemption are bankruptcy or closure of operation.

I have misplaced my identifiers for the form, where can I get new ones?

The identifiers are always specific for each year and thus only one set of identifiers is formed for one year for the enterprise. You can receive them again by sending us email at: Please remember to include your enterprise's Business ID and possible establishment code in the message.

How will our enterprise benefit from answering? What are the data used for?

The data are used for monitoring and analysing the development of manufacturing in Finland's public administration, organisations, research institutes and business life and abroad in Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union and in certain other international organisations, such as the OECD and UN.

In addition, data from statistics on industrial output are used in national accounts, as a weight structure for short-term economic trend indicators, in statistics describing information society and as a sample framework and weight structure for the Producer Price Index for Manufactured Products and the Building Cost Index.

Our enterprise does not have industrial production in Finland (only abroad), do we have to reply to the inquiry?

No, you do not. The data collection concerns the enterprise’s production taking place in Finland. Please notify us by email or telephone if the enterprise does not have production in Finland.