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Data collection service for enterprises

Statistics Finland provides a service where enterprises can find out which data collections of Statistics Finland they are or have been included in. By informing enterprises in advance about future data collections, their timing and changes to them, the preparation for and responding to the data collections becomes easier. The service also improves the quality of the answers.

The service contains data collections from 2006 onwards, and new data collections are added to the service as soon as the sample for the data collection has been drawn.

Use of the service requires that the enterprise orders user IDs for this purpose. When ordering the identifiers, you will need to provide your enterprise’s business ID, name and contact details as well as the name and contact details of the contact person at your enterprise.

You can order the user IDs by email from

More information about the data collection services for enterprises is also available from the following persons:

Satu Viik +358 9 1734 2942
Hele Eloranta +358 9 1734 2748

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Classification service for data collections from enterprises

The classification service for data collections from enterprises offers enterprises a table containing the latest information on the basic classifications of all enterprises and establishments in operation and those having closed operation after 31 December 2008. The data are updated monthly. The file can be copied and saved as part of your enterprise's information systems.

You need a user ID and password to open the table. You can request them at:

Introduction of the classification service for data collections from enterprises

Automated data collection

Some data collections directed at enterprises use automated data collection, which means that enterprises can send the data directly from the enterprise's own information system with the help of a separate reporting software. More information about automated data collection can be found on the home pages of the data collections. The software needed is described in the accompanying letter of the data collection.

Data supplier feedback

Enterprises can receive feedback on the data they provide. Statistics Finland sends a statistical report as feedback with which the enterprise can compare its results with those of enterprises in its industry or area. Data can be given by municipality, region or on the level of the whole country. More information about the feedback can be found on the home pages of the data collections.

Katso- service

More about Katso service.

Due date calendar

With the due date calendar service, enterprises can check the due dates of the data collections pertaining to them. It is easier to answer data collections if you familiarise yourself with the data collection material in advance.

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