Aasian tilastovirastot


Afganistan: Central Statistics Organization
Armenia: Ministry of Statistics State Register and Analysis of the Republic of Armenia
Azerbaidzan: State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Bahrain: Central Informatics Organisation, Directorate of Statistics
Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Bhutan: National Statistics Bureau
Filippiinit: National Statistical Coordination Board
Filippiinit National Statistics Office
Georgia: National Statistics Office of Georgia
Hongkong: Census and Statistics Department
Indonesia: Statistics Indonesia
Intia: Central Statistics Office (CSO)
Intia Census of India
Irak: Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology (COSIT)
Iran: Statistical Centre of Iran
Israel: Central Bureau of Statistics
Itä-Timor: National Statistics Office
Japani: Statistics Bureau
Jemen: Central Statistical Organization
Jordania: Department of Statistics
Kambodza: National Institute of Statistics
Kazakstan: Agency of the Republic on Kazakhstan on Statistics
Kiina: National Bureau of Statistics
Kirgisia: National Statistical Committee
Korean tasavalta: Statistics Korea
Kuwait: Central Statistical Office
Kypros: Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (CYSTAT)
Laos: National Statistics Centre
Libanon: Central Administration of Statistics
Macao: Census and Statistics Department of Macau (DSEC)
Malediivit: Ministry of Planning and Development, Maldives
Malesia: Department of Statistics, Malaysia
Mongolia: National Statistics Office of Mongolia
Myanmar: Central Statistical Organization
Nepal: Central Bureau of Statistics
Oman: Ministry of National Economy
Pakistan: Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division
Palestiina: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Quatar: Statistics Authority
Saudi-Arabia: Central Department of Statistics and Information
Singapore: Statistics Singapore
Sri Lanka: Department of Census and Statistics
Taiwan: Directorate General of Budget, Acconting and Statistics
Thaimaa: National Statistical Office
Turkki: State Institute of Statistics
Uzbekistan: State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics
Vietnam: General Statistics Office of Vietnam


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