News 15 Dec 2017

Archive digitisation advances rapidly

The volume of digitised materials in the National Archives Service of Finland exceeded 47 million in 2016 and at the end of 2017, the National Archives’ data indicate that the figure is already 52 million. The volume has almost doubled in good three years.

At the same time as the volume of digitised materials has grown, the number of researcher visits and document orders is ever lower. In 2010, researcher visits still numbered over 52,000, but in 2016 only 32,000. At the same time, document orders went down from 89,000 to 71,000.

The physical materials of archives also continue to grow. In 2016, the archives of the National Archives Service contained over 217,000 metres of shelvable archives, double compared to 2004. The volume of maps and drawings and archival films is also growing, while archiving of reading copies has ended along with digitisation.

The National Archives Service includes the National Archives of Finland and seven provincial archives. In addition, the Provincial Archives of Åland operates in the Åland Islands. Besides the National Archives Service, there are 11 private archives receiving state subsidy.

Cultural Statistics table service updated

The data are selections from Statistics Finland's Cultural Statistics table service. The tables of the table service are updated four times per year and analysing articles are published in connection with the tables. Part of the tables and articles have now been updated. The tables are in Finnish and English, and the articles are in Finnish. 

Cultural Statistics table service

Table: Materials in the archives of the National Archives Service

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