News 15 Oct 2018

Finns know Statistics Finland

According to an interview survey made by Taloustutkimus, 86 per cent of Finns know Statistics Finland. Of the government organisations included in the survey, Statistics Finland is the third best known. A majority, or 85 per cent of Finns trust the statistics produced by Statistics Finland.

Just under 70 per cent of Finns consider Statistics Finland’s statistical data to be easy or fairly easy to understand. However, 23 per cent of respondents consider statistical data fairly difficult to understand for an average citizen. More than one-half of Finns feel that Statistics Finland communicates too little about its activity.

“We will meet the challenge and try to intensify our communications. We have also already begun an extensive renewal of our website. Furthermore, advising how to use statistics is one of our basic tasks and during the last few years we have especially invested in young people and collaboration with educational institutions”, says Statistics Finland’s Head of Development Reija Helenius.

The survey was conducted as personal interviews as part of Taloustutkimus Oy’s Omnibus consumer survey in September 2018. The questions were asked of 1,000 persons. The target group consisted of Finnish consumers aged 15 to 79 excluding Åland.

Further information: Reija Helenius, Head of Development, +358 29 551 3677,