News 3 Oct 2019

Over one-half of cultural buildings are museums and art galleries 

According to Statistics Finland's building and dwelling stock, there were good 2,000 cultural buildings in Finland’s building stock at the end of 2018. Of the entire building stock (over 1.5 million buildings) around 85 per cent were residential buildings, while the share of cultural buildings was only good 1.3 per mil. Cultural buildings include theatre buildings, opera houses, concert halls and assembly buildings, cinemas, libraries, archives, museums, art galleries and exhibition halls. 

Over one-half of cultural buildings were museums and art galleries. Their share has increased by nearly five percentage points from 1997, while that of libraries and archives has decreased by some eight percentage points. Their number has also fallen. The number of exhibition halls has increased from 121 to 187, or by nearly 55 per cent. 

The overall number of cultural buildings has grown by 235 or by close on 13 per cent since 1997. In 2018, there were 296 cultural buildings in Uusimaa representing 14.4 per cent of all cultural buildings in Finland, while in 1997 the share was 13.6 per cent. The second most cultural buildings were found in Southwest Finland: 251 in 2018. 

A lot of cultural buildings were built in the 1980s 

A good quarter of cultural buildings are at least one hundred years old, that is built before the 1920s. Later, they have been built especially in the 1980s. In all, 339 cultural buildings derive from this decade, which is good 16 per cent of all. Nearly one-quarter of libraries and archives are from the 1980s. 

Cultural Statistics table service updated

New updates have been added to Statistics Finland's cultural statistics table service. The tables of the table service are updated four times per year and analysing articles are published in connection with the tables. The tables are in Finnish and English, and the articles in Finnish. 


Cultural Statistics’ table service
Table 2.9. Finnish buildings by use, region and year of construction, 31.12.2018 
Table 9.5. Cultural buildings by use, region and year of construction, 31.12.2018 
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