News 1 Sep 2020

Statistics Finland’s new organisation aims to make more efficient use of statistical data

Statistics Finland's organisation has been renewed on 1 September 2020. The organisational renewal is one step in the reform of Statistics Finland, where the main starting points are the needs of society and data users.

“We want to offer reliable information for the use of society in future as well. We are renewing our activities so that we can offer information faster than before on topical issues and in this way respond to the needs of data users,” says Statistics Finland's Director General Marjo Bruun.

Cooperation has a major role

An important objective of Statistics Finland's future is to increase cooperation with external partners and also enable close cooperation within Statistics Finland in a flexible manner.

“Public administration is being reformed, and an important theme in reform work is to develop interaction. In Statistics Finland's renewal work we also want to strengthen networking across organisational boundaries. The role of statistical institutes is also being renewed globally, and we are also actively involved in that development,” says Marjo Bruun.  

Statistics Finland's organisation is divided into four service areas. Deputy Director General Johanna Laiho-Kauranne is responsible for the Information and Statistical Services service area. This includes Statistics Finland’s statistics and data production. In addition to the production of economic and social statistics, it is in charge of Statistics Finland's data collection and maintenance of data resources.

Ville Vertanen, Deputy Director General of the Partnership and Ecosystem Relations service area, is responsible for managing Statistics Finland's networks and stakeholder relations. Statistics Finland closely cooperates with both domestic and international stakeholders, and the aim is to find new partnerships in future as well.

The Deputy Director General of the Development and Digitalisation service area is Mikko Lindholm. The task of the service area is to facilitate Statistics Finland's data production based on data resources and development of digital statistical services.

Deputy Director General Pasi Henriksson is responsible for Statistics Finland's internal services. In developing services, the aim is to take account of different stakeholders and make services more customer-oriented.    

“Despite the exceptional spring and remote work we have been able to plan renewal of our activities in close interaction during spring. By means of the new organisational structure we will create opportunities for better performing our basic tasks in future,” says Marjo Bruun.

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