News 4 Oct 2018

The theme of the Nordic Statistical Meeting is Facts for future.

The Nordic Statistical Meeting will be arranged in Helsinki between 27 and 28 August 2019. The conference will bring together around 400 statistical professionals from the Nordic countries and Estonia. The collection of abstracts for the statistical conference has already started.

“A lot of things have happened with official statistics during the past few years.  We have gained a lot of insight on dealing with new data sources and responding to customer needs. Also, the way we work has become more agile, digital and experimental”, says Faiz Alsuhail, Head of the Programme Committee

“The challenges we face are universal – so why not share our good practices and learn from each other?”

The main theme of the Nordic Statistical Meeting is Facts for future – Facing the future with knowledge. The conference covers topics such as digitalisation, artificial intelligence and statistical literacy.

Watch the video for Faiz Alsuhail’s tips and hints for making a good abstract.

Participants are asked to submit their abstracts by email to by using the template. The abstracts should be sent by 13 January 2019.

Further information: Faiz Alsuhail,, tel. +358 29 551 2921