News 15 Jan 2019

Users of statistical data ever more active

Statistics Finland's data are used more regularly than before: now as many as two-thirds of the respondents to the Customer Satisfaction Survey say they use the data regularly. This appears from the survey made by Taloustutkimus, to which good 300 data users responded.

The majority of data users search for information on the web pages. Chargeable databases, open data and the Tieto&trendit website are also among the most used services.

To obtain the latest statistical data, most respondents follow Statistics Finland's news notifications and the Tieto&trendit website.

Measured with the 4 to 10 scale of school grades, respondents’ grade for Statistics Finland's various services was 8.2.

“The survey respondents were very satisfied with the expert service and that it is easy to contact Statistics Finland,” says Reija Helenius, Head of Development.

Of all respondents, researchers were most satisfied with services. “Statistics Finland has invested considerably in services offered to researchers in recent years,” says Ms Helenius.

Further information: Reija Helenius, Head of Development, +358 29 551 3677,