News 16 Jan 2018

View research data in Taika

The Taika research data catalogue presents unit-level data intended for research use, which allow wide examination of Finnish enterprises and Finland’s population.

The research data in Taika are subject to charge and their use requires a user licence. You can view the data selection in the catalogue and select the descriptions of the required data as appendices to the licence application.

The Taika research catalogue contains general descriptions and variable lists of data on almost 90 different data files. In addition to Statistics Finland's data, Taika comprises data from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and from Finnish Customs. The contents of the data are constantly developed.

When you are planning to use data from Taika for your research, contact Statistics Finland's research services already at the planning stage. Research services can give you more information about the data and the possibilities they offer. Research data are used through the Fiona remote access system.

The website of research services provides further information about the application process, prices and use of data.

View the Taika research catalogue 

Application for a license to use statistical data

Further information:, +358 29 551 2758