Come work for Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland processes and combines data sources generated throughout society. These are processed into products and services for data users. Our task is to bring reliable and up-to-date statistics and information for the benefit of customers and into social debate. We operate in many national and international information ecosystems and cooperation networks and we want to do our best in order to help build Finland’s future on information.

Statistics Finland is undergoing a restructuring of activities and the organisation. We want to better anticipate changes in society and the needs of our customers, as well as co-operate goal-orientedly with our partners. Our 800 experts help us develop from a producer of statistics to a provider of influential information We want to support an open and bold culture and encourage our experts to develop and learn through experimenting.

Career as an information expert

We need versatile know-how to produce information and statistics. We employ experts with various educational backgrounds, e.g. graduates in social sciences, economics and science. We are united by an interest in socially meaningful information and producing it well.

Our aim is to be a continuously learning work community that encourages everyone to renew their competences. The content of work and ways of working are changing in expert work; we develop these together through brainstorming and experimenting.

We cooperate extensively with other organisations and offer opportunities for diversified networking and team work also internationally.

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