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Annual reporting of the greenhouse gas inventory is comprised of an inventory report of a specified form (NIR) and emission calculations (CRF tables), submitted annually to the European Union and to the Secretariat of the UNFCCC. The reported data relate to emissions recorded two years previously. In addition, a national communication is produced at three-year intervals, which contains more detailed information about national conditions, climate strategy and policy measures taken to reduce emissions.

Closely associated with the reporting of the inventory are also Finland's policy reports to the EU, indicators for the monitoring of climate policy and the European Commission's reports assessing the progress made towards fulfilling the commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

On 22 December 2006, Finland submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat a report on the basis of which Finland's assigned amount of emissions will be confirmed for the 2008-2012 commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. Once confirmed, the assigned amount cannot be changed even if emissions for the base year did change in the national greenhouse gas inventory. In future, the annual greenhouse gas inventory will form part of the reporting under the Kyoto Protocol. To be eligible to participate in Kyoto mechanisms, such as emission trading, Finnish inventories must meet the set criteria and pass the reviews of the inventories.

CRF-Tables National Inventory Report
Latest CRF-tables (Data concerning 2005)    Year 2007 submission to the UNFCCC (data concerning the year 2005) (pdf)
Summary tables 1990-2005 Kyoto Protocol voluntary reporting of articles 3.3 and 3.4
National Communications AAU reporting
4th National Communication Finland's AAU report (pdf)
3rd National Communication National Inventory Report (1990-2004) (pdf)
2nd National Communication National greenhouse gas inventory system in Finland (pdf)
1st National Communication Finland's National registry under article 7 of the Kyoto Protocol (pdf)
Other reports Emissions in base year 1990 (CRF tables concerning year 1990) (excel)
Uncertainties in the Finnish 2002 GHG Inventory  
  Emissions in 1995 (F-gases base year) (CRF tables concerning year 1995) (excel)
  Emissions in 2004 (CRF tables concerning year 2004) (excel)

Reporting guidelines

The Secretariat of the UNFCCC has produced reporting guidelines for the compilation of both the annual national inventories and the national communications.

UNFCCC Reporting guidelines on annual inventories (reviewed in 2004)

UNFCCC Reporting guidelines on national communications

The reporting is also steered by the Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council for a Monitoring Mechanism of Community GHG Emissions and the Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

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