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Participation in adult education

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Number of adult education days has fallen
09 May 2018
The number of adult education days received by a person has fallen slightly over the past five years. The amount of employer-sponsored training also decreased. This information derives from the data of Statistics Finland's Adult Education Survey for 2017.

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4 Oct 2018

Description: The adult education survey is an extensive interview survey on participation in education and learning among the adult population in Finland. The survey produces internationally comparable data on the participation of the adult population in education, learning, the willingness and need to participate in education, opinions and attitudes concerning studying, as well as the obstacles to participation and the adult population’s language skills.
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Keywords: adult education, vocational adult education, vocational education, personnel training, self-directed studies, language skills, education, other education than that leading to a qualification, information technology, education leading to a qualification.
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Change: Statistics renamed
04 Jan 2018
Statistics on Adult education survey will in future be published under the name Participation in adult education.

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