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16 Jun 2017 We all are statistics

Statistics contain a lot of information on our society and also on everyday issues. Watch a video to see what the world looks like through statistics.

7 Jun 2017 Figures from Finland

Statistics Finland’s new publication Finland in Figures 2017 celebrates the 100-year-old Finland. Finland in Figures is a pocket-size compact 50-page information package about Finland and Finns. In addition to the customary tables, the publication has a section on Finland before and now.

5 May 2017 Pensioners and highly educated people voted in advance

Of the persons that voted in advance in the Municipal elections, 46.7 per cent were pensioners. Highly educated persons entitled to vote also voted in advance more than average. Review

27 Apr 2017 Municipal councillors are highly educated

Persons elected to municipals councils are more highly educated than those entitled to vote and the candidates. Elected councillors also have a higher income level than average for persons entitled to vote. These data can be found in Statistics Finland's review on the candidates and elected councillors in the Municipal elections.

25 Apr 2017 Statistics Finland becomes the statistical information service channel for the Finnish Government

On 24 April, Statistics Finland opened the statistical information service for the Prime Minister’s Office, the ministries, the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland and the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. The service is part of the existing general information service of Statistics Finland’s information specialists.


Changes in statistics

7 June 2017 Definition change in the price statistics on forest chippings and energy peat

6 June 2017 PDF table package of the National Accounts is discontinued

5 June 2017 Statistics on real estate prices renewed

30 May 2017 The statistics on international trade in services have been discontinued


Last updated 26 Jun 2017