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Slightly fewer open job vacancies in the last quarter of 2019 than one year earlier
18 Feb 2020
There were 37,500 open job vacancies in the last quarter of 2019, while the figure was 41,000 one year before. These data derive from Statistics Finland's statistics on open job vacancies and describe the situation on the first day of December. In 2019, there were 50,000 open job vacancies, on average, which is roughly the same number as in the previous year (49,400).

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19 May 2020

Description: The job vacancy survey produces quarterly information about open job vacancies in Finland. The results describe the demand for labour and changes in it examined from the viewpoint of employers. The statistics are based on Regulation (EC) No 453/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The objective is to produce up-to-date and comparable information about the number and structure of job openings on the labour markets of EU Member States.
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Keywords: employees, hard-to-fill vacancies, job vacancies, jobs, labour market, working life, workplaces.
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Change: Postponement in the release of the Job Vacancy Survey for the second quarter
13 Aug 2014
Due to problems that arose in the production of the Job Vacancy Survey, the data collection period has been extended.

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