Base year of the turnover estimate of large enterprises changes

Starting from data concerning January 2018, the base year 2015=100 will be introduced in turnover estimate of large enterprises. Data will be released for the first time with the new base year on 28 February 2018.

The indices are re-calculated from the beginning of 2015 in connection with the change of the base year. In this context, the data may have become revised and there the latest changes in the classification data are taken into consideration. The effects are of qualitative nature and are visible as revisions to data published. However, the changes are not significant and have no effect on the interpretation of the time series or the image of economic trends. In the following, database tables published with the old base year (2010=100) will no longer be updated.

The time series calculated with the new base year will be released in database tables whose structure has been renewed. In future, the tables will be formed by time variables, which means that the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data will be in separate database tables. In the same connection, the underlying metadata have been changed. Renewing of the structure enables better machine readability of data and, for example, saving of automatically updated table selections and figures, as well as selection of key figures.

Last updated 21.2.2018

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