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Personnel and finances of telecommunications operators

In recent years the number of personnel at telecommunications operators has declined each year. It continued to fall also in 2008. The number of personnel decreased by 11 per cent from the year before and stood at approximately 12,000.

The total turnover of telecommunications operators contracted by some five per cent in 2008 from the year before and stood at close on EUR 4.3 billion. Nearly half of the turnover, 48 per cent, consisted of mobile telecommunications, 38 of fixed network operations and the remaining good 14 per cent of other activities, such as equipment sales and programme distribution services via cable television, television and radio.

The turnover of mobile telecommunications consisted of voice services, non-voice services, data transmission services as well as income from connections and roaming and other network operator income. The most important income source in mobile telecommunications continue to be voice services, whose share of mobile telecommunications turnover was 53 per cent in 2008. The turnover share of non-voice services was 11 per cent, that of data transmission services 7 per cent and that of network operator income 29 per cent.

A good one-third of the turnover of the fixed telephone network, or 36 per cent, consisted of voice services and some 64 per cent of data transmission services and other fixed telephone network services.

Of the turnover from other activities, 46 per cent came from equipment sales and 17 per cent from programme distribution services via cable television, television and radio.

Just under one-half of the total turnover of telecommunications operators, or 46 per cent, came from households and the remaining roughly 54 per cent from business services.

Telecommunications operators’ investments in tangible assets in 2008 remained on level with those in 2007. They made investments to the total value of EUR 437 million. Slightly more was invested in telecommunication networks, which belong to tangible investments, than in the year before. Telecommunications operators’ total network investments amounted to some EUR 378 million, which made up roughly 87 per cent of the value of all tangible investments.

Source: Telecommunications 2008, Statistics Finland

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