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Enterprises' turnover grew by 6.1 per cent in 2017
20 Sep 2018
According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, the combined turnover of enterprises (TOL B to S, excl. K) was EUR 408.6 billion in 2017. The turnover generated totalled EUR 23.5 million, which is 6.1 per cent more than one year ago. Of the turnover growth, EUR 11.5 billion came from manufacturing enterprises (TOL B to E), EUR 6.9 billion from service enterprises, EUR 3.3 billion from construction and EUR 1.9 billion from trade

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18 Dec 2018

Description: The structural business and financial statement statistics describe enterprises operating in Finland. The statistics comprise industry-specific data on the number of enterprises, personnel, financial statements and itemisation of turnover and expenditure. The data on enterprises' financial statements describe the formation of profit, profitability and balance sheet structure in different industries. The examined variables are profit and loss account and balance sheet data, and parameters calculated from them. The statistics also include information on the growth of enterprises and how they have managed after the starting year.
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Keywords: enterprises, industries, personnel, financial statement, turnover, profit and loss account, balance sheets, profitability, value added, investments.
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Change: Structural business and financial statement statistics included in the renewal of business statistics
18 Dec 2014
Statistics Finland has renewed its production of business statistics.

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