Questionnaire on students

Description of the data collection

With this questionnaire Statistics Finland collects data on the addresses and numbers of students of educational institutions through providers of education.

The collected data are:
- valid visiting and postal addresses of educational institutions
- data on numbers of students by educational institution in different forms of education concerning the situation on 20 September

From whom are data collected?

The data collection letter is sent to providers of education that organise the data collection for their educational institutions.

The data collection is specific for each educational institution and it is responded to by comprehensive schools, upper secondary general schools, vocational institutions, music colleges, sports education centres, folk high schools, adult education centres, study centres and summer universities.

The data are collected with a web questionnaire.

The inquiry is open between 10 September and 10 October.

Only data providers who have received a user ID from Statistics Finland can log in to the questionnaire.

What are the data used for?

The collected data are used to update the addresses and numbers of students in Statistics Finland's register of educational institutions.

Data processing

Statistics Act 280/2004 (amend. 361/2013) obliges Statistics Finland to treat the obtained data as confidential.

How often are data collected?