Instructions for enterprise, corporate and public sector respondents during the coronavirus epidemic

Statistics Finland's data collections will also continue during the coronavirus epidemic.

Accompanying letters and identifiers for inquiries

As usual, we will send most of the accompanying letters describing data collections by post. We hope that enterprises are able to read their post even under these exceptional conditions. If your personnel is working remotely and you do not have available identifiers or passwords for each data collection, you can contact Statistics Finland to obtain new identifiers. You can do that best by sending us an email, see contact information.

In part of data collections we contact data suppliers by email. Due to data security reasons, user identifiers and passwords are then delivered separately from the message concerning the data collection.

Contact information

Contact information for data collections can be found on the left sidebar of each data collection. View the data collection pages.

In general questions related to data collections we serve enterprise and corporate respondents by email at If your question concerns a specific data collection, we need your enterprise's name and Business ID and the name of the data collection in question. We also serve at +358 29 551 2222 on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Due dates and additional time for data collections

You can check the due dates for data collections from the due date calendar. If necessary, you can request an extension with the response form found on the web page of the data collection in question or by contacting Statistics Finland (see contact information above). An extension cannot be granted to data collections carried out monthly.

Further information about responding

If you find responding difficult in this situation and need more information about responding, you can find it in our services to enterprise data suppliers.