Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does participation in the survey benefit me?

By participating in the survey you ensure that you and others in a similar life situation are taken into account in decision-making, because generalisations about the whole population are made based on data given by those having responded to the survey. It is important that many kinds of people living in Finland participate in the survey: young and old, students, pensioners and employed persons, singles, couples, single carers and families with many children, persons with low, average and high incomes, persons living in towns and in rural areas from across the country. Participation is your civil right and by exercising this right you can have an effect on that decision-making is based on reliable information.

Data collected with the Finnish Travel Survey can be obtained only by asking people personally. In this way, decision-makers, researchers and journalists, both in Finland and internationally, are able to produce more reliable conclusions about tourism.

Why do you want to ask me? Could you not take someone else in my place?

The persons selected for the survey have been drawn randomly and no respondent can be replaced with another one.

The survey is based on so-called random sampling where the respondents are drawn randomly from Statistics Finland's database on the population of Finland. The group of respondents is drawn as exhaustively as possible, for example, in terms of regions. It is not possible to swap the respondent and those who refuse to respond are simply excluded from the data. This makes the results less precise and reliable especially in population groups whose members are similar to the person that refused to answer. Therefore, each respondent is important and cannot be replaced in any way.

In what languages can the survey be made?

You can participate in the survey in Finnish, Swedish or English.

If you wish there would be other language alternatives, you can tell us about your wishes by sending an email to

Do I know how to answer your questions?

The Finnish Travel Survey asks about basic information on trips ending in the previous month. Such are the destination, duration, accommodation, means of transport and costs of trips. It is easy to fill in the information on the web form. If you rather tell about your trips in a telephone interview, responding can become easier if before the interview, you recall consumption expenditure and reservation modes of the trips ending in the previous month.

The respondent is not tested in the interview but information is collected on the trips made. The questions are not difficult and the interviewer can specify a question if needed.