Energy use in manufacturing

Description of the data collection

The aim of the inquiry on energy use in manufacturing is to find out the volume of electricity, heat and fuels used in your enterprise's establishment. In this inquiry, the volume of electricity refers to total consumption of electricity used in the establishment and the amount of electricity purchased for own use or sold. The volume of heat refers to the amount of heat purchased or sold. The volume of fuels refers to the amount of total consumption that is reported separately for each fuel. The data can also be reported according to energy content. Changes have been made to the fuel classification this year as well.

The compilation of the statistics on energy use in manufacturing is based on the EU Regulation on energy statistics (Regulation No 1099/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council on energy statistics).

The data collection is started yearly in March. The deadline for the data collection is in April.

From whom are data collected?

The inquiry covers mining and quarrying and enterprises operating in the manufacturing industries. Every fourth year the inquiry also includes small establishments employing fewer than 10 employees. The data are collected partly from a sample and by using other sources of data.

What are the data used for?

The data are used in the compilation of statistics on energy use in manufacturing. The data are also utilised in the greenhouse gas inventory, compilation of statistics on energy supply and consumption, compilation of industry-specific statistics on consumption of electricity, international reporting (EU, IEA, UN), environmental accounts, and compilation of national accounts.

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

Data processing

The Statistics Act obliges Statistics Finland to treat the data as confidential and use them only for statistical purposes.


As of 1 January 2013, Statistics Finland's fuel classification includes new fuel categories. The aim is to gain more reliable data on use of renewable energy and especially of wood fuels on the national level.

How often are data collected?