National Accounts

Statistics produced according to the system of national accounts come under this topic. National accounts are compiled in Finland in accordance with the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). The statistics comprise annual, quarterly, financial and regional accounts.

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Annual national accounts
National accounts is a statistical system that describes Finland’s national economy comprehensively, systematically and precisely.
Balance of payments and international investment position
The statistics on balance of payments describes the external balance of the national economy from the perspectives of both real and financial economy.
Culture satellite accounts
Culture Satellite Accounts are a statistical system which aims at describing the economic contribution of culture.
Financial accounts
Financial accounts describe the financial balance sheets and financial transactions of all sectors of the national economy.
The supply tables describe by commodity group production and imports of the goods and services that are produced by different industries and used in the national economy.
International trade in goods and services
Statistics on international trade in goods and services describe exports and imports of goods and services with a broad classification of products and areas.
Productivity surveys
A distinctive feature of Finnish economic growth, especially since the Second World War, has been the major significance of growth in productivity.
Quarterly national accounts
Quarterly national accounts describe Finland’s economy systematically and according to the same concepts and definitions as annual national accounts, but at a more aggregated level.
Quarterly sector accounts
Sector accounts are part of national accounts.
Regional Account
Regional accounts are an extension of national accounts from which data are available by sub-regional unit, region, major region, as well as by other regional divisions based on municipalities if required.
Regional input-output tables
Regional input-output statistics comprise regional supply and use tables and the input-output tables based on them.
Tourism account
Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is a statistical system where the economic impacts of tourism are described in a versatile and comprehensive manner.
Trend Indicator of Output
The Trend Indicator of Output endeavours to forecast the monthly development of the national economy.
Value of household production
Unpaid household work – that is, services produced by households for themselves, such as cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry and childcare – based on international agreements remains outside the production boundary of national accounts, that is, it is not included in gross domestic product, for example.

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