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Largest housing loans in families with children
21 Jun 2018
Statistics Finlands statistics on indebtedness show that the average size of a housing loan per household-dwelling unit with a housing loan was EUR 98,735 in 2017. Household-dwelling units with two supporters and children had most housing loans, EUR 133,350, on average. The average housing loan grew by close on one per cent year-on-year. From the beginning of the decade, average housing loans have grown by close on five per cent in real terms.

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25 Jan 2019

Description: Statistics on indebtedness describe the debts of private persons and household-dwelling units. The basic data for the statistics have been drawn from the Tax Administration�s database and combined with the data from total statistics on income distribution. The Tax Administration receives data on credits and interest by type of loan from the annual declarations of financial corporations and other credit providers. The total data on income distribution consists of register data covering the whole population. All of its data are collected from administrative registers. The register data are combined on the basis of the personal identity codes. The statistics on indebtedness are published only on the Internet. The released statistics describe the indebtedness of household-dwelling units and persons by gender, age, family type and area.
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Keywords: credit granting, credits, debts, household-dwelling units, households, housing loans, indebtedness, interest rates, loans, rate of indebtedness.
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30 Jan 2009

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