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Number of persons at risk of poverty in 2016 on level with the previous year
21 Dec 2017
Statistics Finland's income distribution statistics indicate that the number of persons belonging to households at risk of poverty was 637,000 in 2016. The share of persons at risk of poverty in the household population was 11.8 per cent, which is on level with the previous year. In the 50-year period covered by the income statistics, the risk of poverty has been at its highest in 1966, when 18.6 per cent of the population were at risk of poverty. In relative terms, the number of persons at risk of poverty was lowest in the year of recession 1993, when the average income fell fast. The share of people at risk of poverty was then 7.2 per cent of the whole population.

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2 Mar 2018

Description: The income distribution statistics describe the distribution of the annual income of households and income differentials between different population groups. The statistics describe the amount of disposable income and its formation from different sources when taking taxation and income transfers into consideration. Income and its distribution are also examined by groups according to level of income, socio-economic status, stage in life cycle and area of residence. The statistics also describe the earned and entrepreneurial incomes of household members.
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Keywords: capital income, cash income, current transfers, current transfers paid, current transfers received, disposable income, dividends, entrepreneurial income, equivalent income, factor income, gini coefficient, gross income, households, imputed income from owner-occupied dwellings, income, income differentials, income distribution, income from owner-occupied dwellings, income from property, interest rates, livelihood, living conditions, persistent risk of poverty, persons at risk of poverty, persons with high income, real income, realised capital gains, socio-economic group, subjective financial well-being, taxable income, taxation, wages and salaries.
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Change: Change to the income concept used in the basic releases of the income distribution statistics
20 Mar 2013
From the statistical reference year 2011 onwards, the income distribution statistics will start to use households' disposable money income as the main concept in their basic releases.

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