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The cost of an hour worked EUR 31.6 for an employer in 2012
26 Sep 2014
According to the data of Statistics Finland's Labour Cost Survey, labour costs were, on average, EUR 31.6 per hour worked in 2012. The hourly costs were EUR 32.0 in the private sector, EUR 29.5 in the local government sector, and EUR 37.4 in the central government sector. Wage and salary costs formed, on average, 76.5 per cent, social security costs 21.3 per cent, and other costs 2.2 per cent of total labour costs in the sectors.

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16 Nov 2018

Description: The labour cost survey describes the level and structure of labour costs at fixed intervals of years. The statistics cover nearly the entire private sector, as well as the central and local government sectors. Excluded from the statistics are agriculture, forestry and fishing.
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Keywords: public sector, costs, wages and salaries, social security contributions, industries, labour costs, private sector.
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