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Employment strengthened in February compared to one year ago
24 Mar 2020
According to Statistics Finlands Labour Force Survey, the number of employed people was 20,000 higher in February 2020 than one year ago. There were 13,000 fewer unemployed than in February 2019. The trend of the employment rate was 73.4 per cent and the trend of the unemployment rate was 6.6 per cent.

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23 Apr 2020

Description: The Labour Force Survey collects statistical data on the participation in work, employment, unemployment and activity of persons outside the labour force among the population aged between 15 and 74. The Labour Force Survey data collection is based on a random sample drawn twice a year from the Statistics Finland population database. The monthly sample consists of some 12,000 persons and the data are collected with computer-assisted telephone interviews. The information provided by the respondents is used to produce a picture of the activities of the entire population aged between 15 and 74. A so-called ad hoc module with annually changing topics is also carried out in connection with the Labour Force Survey.
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Change: The Classification of Sectors 2012 will be introduced in the Labour Force Survey
20 Dec 2019
The Labour Force Survey will adopt the Classification of Sectors 2012 starting from the statistical reference year 2020, where applicable.

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