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Households’ assets

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Half of all households had a net wealth of EUR 110,000 or more in 2013
01 Apr 2015
Statistics Finland's Household Wealth Survey for 2013 indicates that the median for households' net wealth was EUR 110,000 in 2013. Median wealth was in real terms 4.7 per cent higher than in the previous study in 2009. Wealth is divided unevenly, because one-quarter of households had a net wealth of over EUR 252,000 and one-quarter under EUR 10,000. Those aged 65 to 74 were the wealthiest age group.

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5 Jun 2018

Description: The wealth survey describes household’s assets: their total amount, structure and distribution among different population groups. Besides different forms of assets, the survey also produces data on other matters that have a bearing on the financial position of households, such as income and debts.
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Keywords: debts, households, income, inheritances, investment activities, saving, securities, socio-economic group, wealth.
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