News 30 Nov 2016

Statistical challenges solved in the Ultrahack tournament

Statistics Finland took part in the Ultrahack 2016 tournament with a challenge involving statistical data. Statistics Finland selected the Open Spending team as the winner.

Statistics Finland challenged the participants to seek new ways to use Statistics Finland’s open data to describe economic development or for business activities. In addition, the participants were encouraged to develop innovative data visualisations and new ways to utilise statistical data released by Statistics Finland.

The Open Spending team used data released by Statistics Finland, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, and the Tax Administration as well as open data in their work.

The winning team included Jaakko Korhonen, Omar El-Begawy, Joonas Pesonen and Peter Tattersall.

In the Ultrahack 2016 programming event, application developers sought solutions for the challenges presented by enterprises and general government. The main event that was organised in Helsinki on 25 to 27 November 2016 gathered good 100 coder teams from Finland and abroad. Statistics Finland participated in the Hack the Nation challenge together with the Population Register Centre and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Further information: Head of Development Markku Huttunen tel. +358 29 551 3337

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