Data quality framework increases use of data

Taking evidence-based decisions require high quality data. The more there are information the more important it is to assess quality of the data. As the question about the quality of the data is fundamental, widely shared rules and criteria are needed.

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With the help of the Data Quality Framework, the government agencies will together produce more easily utilised and higher-quality data for public data resources. The aim was to produce a model and procedures by means of which joint use of data files becomes easier. The main tool of this framework are the Data Quality Criteria and Metrics, which will be published as a public administration recommendation.

Data Quality Framework was developed in the project on opening up and using public data (TiHA), set up by the Ministry of Finance 2020–2022. The development process of the data quality criteria and the metrics was iterative and practical collaboration work of ten organisations. The methods were interactive webinars, facilitated pilots, small group work and surveys and comment rounds.

The data criteria are largely based on the ISO 25012 standard. The criteria are also in line with The European Interoperability Framework (EIF), FAIR Guiding Principles and the Code of Practice for Statistics as well as standads defining quality of geospatial data.

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