Value of money converter

With the value of money converter, you can calculate the value of a sum of money of a specific year in other years. For example, you can convert the FIM used in 1970 to EUR in 2022. At the end of the page, there are examples of conversions to FIM and EUR.

The converter covers the period 1860 to 2023. However, the year 1914 has been removed due to incomplete data. The current year is not included, because the data for the whole year are known only after the end of the year.


Select the years and enter the amount of money. The currency unit changes according to the starting year you selected. When you change the values, the result is calculated automatically. The result is rounded to two decimal places.




The amount of money corresponding with   in   was   in  .

Change in the Cost-of-living Index and inflation in the selected time period

Cost-of-living Index in  :  .
Cost-of-living Index in  :  .

Change from   to  :   per cent.

Average annual inflation over this period:   per cent.

Basis for the calculation

The calculation is based on the Cost-of-living Index 1914:1-6=100, and it takes into account both the 1963 monetary reform and the introduction of the euro in 2002.

The 1963 monetary reform adopted the so-called new Finnish markka, the value of which was 100 old markka, that is, the two zeros at the end were cut in the reform. In 2002, in connection with the changeover to the euro, the Finnish markka was converted to euros with the standard coefficient 5.94573.

The annual change percentage calculated from the overall point figures of the Cost-of-living Index 1914:1-6=100 may differ from the official percentage change figure, because it is calculated from the point figures truncated to two decimal places of each base year in question.



Converting FIM used in 1970 to EUR in 2021.
The calculator automatically regards changes in currency units, you only have to enter the values:

Result: Five Finnish markka in 1970 equals EUR 7.62 in 2021.


Converting EUR used in 2021 to “old” FIM in 1960.
The calculator automatically regards both changes in currency units and the monetary reform of 1963, you only have to enter the values:

Result: EUR 100 in 2021 equals FIM 4,068.31 in 1960.

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