Data by region

We offer you regional and geographic information either as ready-made data or as products and services tailored for your needs:

Data by municipality

Data are also available by region and sub-regional unit from the services by municipality.

StatFin database – a key source for municipal data

The StatFin database contains plenty of data by municipality on various areas of society. StatFin is our largest free database, and you can always find the latest data there.

Try it out!

Try searching municipality data with the search in the StatFin database. Enter the name of the municipality in the search field and click Search. You will find all tables with information about the municipality you searched for.

Municipal key figures

The Municipal key figures service contains the most sought data on municipalities.

Financial data reported by municipalities

Municipalities report their financial data to the State Treasury starting from 2021, and the figures are available in the service.

The page on financial data reported by municipalities and joint municipal authorities contains information on reports compiled until the statistical reference year 2020.

Data by postal code area

Paavo postal code area statistics

The Paavo service contains data by postal code area on the population structure, education, income, housing, workplaces, households' life stage and main activities of inhabitants.

Data by wellbeing services county

Financial data reported by wellbeing services counties

The database of  financial data reported by wellbeing services counties contains financial data on wellbeing services counties and joint county authorities for wellbeing services for 2021 and 2022.

Data by wellbeing services county in the StatFin database

The data by wellbeing services county in the StatFin database  describe election results, regional population and offences, for example.

Grid data

Grid Database

The Grid Database is a chargeable product that contains Statistics Finland's coordinate based statistical data calculated by map grid.

Geographic information

Open geographic data

Statistics Finland's open geographic data mainly consist of statistical areas and statistical data combined with them.


If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact Statistics Finland's information service.