Paavo postal code area statistics

The Paavo service contains data by postal code area on the population structure, education, income, housing, workplaces, households' life stage and main activities of the inhabitants.

You can use the data in decision-making and planning or learn more about your area of residence. Paavo offers information on the allocation of marketplaces, marketing planning, research and regional studies and plans.

Paavo is updated annually in January with the latest data. Statistics produced with postal code area classifications from different years are not comparable.

Paavo database

Paavo statistical data can be found in table format in the PxWeb service. Since 2023 the database includes time series starting from the statistical year 2010.


Paavo geographic and statistical data

Paavo data are produced in the ETRS89-TM35FIN coordination system. The data can be retrieved from Statistics Finland's geographic information interface.

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Paavo terms of use

The Paavo service follows Statistics Finland's general terms of use for open data.

Similar data

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