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25 Mar 2020 Corona situation: First statistical data concerning March will be published on 27 March

The majority of Statistics Finland's employees are now working remotely. Despite this, the production of statistics has run almost as planned.

19 Mar 2020 Price data on old dwellings in housing companies will be published on 31 March 2020

Statistics Finland will publish price data on old dwellings in housing companies concerning the last quarter of 2019 at the end of March 2020. In addition to quarterly data, monthly data will be published for October to February. Read more.

17 Mar 2020 Statistics Finland's activity during the coronavirus epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic changes Statistics Finland’s activity. The aim is to safeguard the production of statistics most important for society. To ensure this, we will make changes to our statistics production, data collections and services.

9 Mar 2020 Worrying growth in mental health problems is also visible in the Quality of Work Life Survey

The aim is to raise the employment rate and lengthen careers. What will happen to these objectives and the dependency ratio in general if young people burn themselves out already at the early stages of their careers, asks working life researcher Hanna Sutela in her Tieto&trendit blog.

6 Mar 2020 Interesting tasks, fair management and nice work community – employees’ expectations regardless of age

Statistics Finland's Quality of Work Life Survey tells the story of “millennialisation” since long ago, writes Hanna Sutela in her blog post. Young people throughout the Quality of Work Life Surveys have led the way in appreciating the content of work – at the same time valuing the content of work more than pay has become more common for people of all ages in the long term.


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19 March 2020 Price data on old dwellings in housing companies will be published on 31 March 2020

10 March 2020 Update of the European Manual on Government Deficit and Debt brings changes to general government deficit and debt

9 March 2020 Publication of the statistics on taxable incomes will be discontinued


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