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12 Dec 2019 Working life in the digital age: enthusiasm, social support - and coping problems

The importance of work has increased for Finnish wage and salary earners but, at the same time, time pressure and coping problems have also increased. Digitalisation has rapidly penetrated Finnish working life. Its effects, however, vary in different wage and salary earner groups.

4 Dec 2019 Dear Finland, we made a video in honour of your independence

The 6th of December is your day of celebration. It is customary to praise the celebrant but as a Finn, giving praise is sometimes difficult. That’s why we searched around the world for information on your successes. Wath the video

4 Dec 2019 Publication of income statistics postponed to next year

Statistics Finland will not publish income distribution statistics nor statistics on taxable income in December because the statistical data on personal taxation produced by the Tax Administration is not yet ready. The statistics can, at the earliest, be published in late January. Read more

4 Dec 2019 What is Finland known for?

Our home country is a model country in many respects. We are at the top of the world, especially when it comes to wellbeing. Finland is a particularly good country for children. In honour of 102-year-old Finland, Statistics Finland has compiled a list of things for which Finland is known across the world.

4 Dec 2019 Release calendar for 2020 published

The release calendar data for 2020 are now available. Take a look at the calendar where you can find information on the statistics and publications that will be released next year.


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28 August 2019 Publication of preliminary data on regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity for statistical year 2018 cancelled

23 July 2019 Publication of statistics on Finnish travel is discontinued for the time being

27 June 2019 Time series of National Accounts will be revised in 2019

11 June 2019 Wage and salary indices: data for January 2019 are published using new source data

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