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15 Jul 2020 UN meeting to consider speeding up the implementation of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

A report assessing the state of sustainable development in Finland will be published at the UN Sustainable Development Summit. Statistics Finland's Director General Marjo Bruun will present the statistical annex of the report at the meeting. According to the annex, Finland's key challenges are related to production and consumption habits, combating climate change and biodiversity loss.

22 Jun 2020 Database table of quarterly national accounts corrected

The erroneous change figure of GDP for the first quarter in Statistics Finland's database table was corrected. The error was caused by a technical problem.

22 Jun 2020 Corona situation report of 18 June 2020: Experimental statistics describe the effects of the exceptional situation

In the situation report we collect recent statistical data describing the corona situation and the release times of upcoming statistics. 

18 Jun 2020 Cooperation between Helsinki GSE and Statistics Finland helps the research group in acquiring research data

In March, Finland started to operate under exceptional conditions. In an unexpectedly changed situation, information was needed fast as the basis for decision-making. Helsinki GSE established a situation room in which Statistics Finland's experts participate by producing and processing data for researchers' use.

15 Jun 2020 New map service from open geographic data

Statistics Finland has opened its own map service where you can view and download Statistics Finland's open geographic data. Open geographic data include municipality-based statistical areas and statistical grids also complemented with population data, Paavo postal code areas and road traffic accidents.


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Changes in statistics

22 June 2020 Average earnings data of the index of wage and salary earnings have been corrected in the release of 28 May 2020

12 June 2020 Data on the wage and salary indices for April 2020 are published using Incomes Register data

26 May 2020 Local government sector wages and salaries 2019: the data has been corrected

11 May 2020 Numbers of transactions of old dwellings in housing companies have been revised retrospectively

23 April 2020 Labour Force Survey’s first employer sector data following the new classification have been published


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