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22 Apr 2024 Finns taken over by survey fatigue – Statistics Finland is concerned about skewness of information

Information and views collected from citizens are a central raw material for statistics that steer social decision-making. In recent years, people’s response rates to surveys have fallen steeply. This feature is international and there are several reasons for the non-response. Statistics Finland highlights this worrying development with the Blue and white letter campaign. 

27 Mar 2024 Digital economy rivals construction in Finland

In Finland, the digital economy produces about seven per cent of the nation’s value added, write Statistics Finland’s experts Henri Lukkarinen and Eljas Tuomaala based on the first comprehensive calculations of digital economy in Finland. Calculations suggest that digital service production is especially pronounced in Finland. For now, the calculations remain experimental. (Tieto&trendit)

5 Mar 2024 Statistics Finland will review its statistics on wages and salaries in 2025

As a result of the review, the statistics on wages and salaries for the statistical reference year 2024 will be largely produced with data available from the Incomes Register. Instead of the present several industry-specific statistics on wages and salaries, data will be published under one set of statistics.

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