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4 Dec 2023 Statistical Yearbook of Finland – portrayer of our time

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2023 provides an extensive overview of statistics on Finland and Finnish society. The Yearbook contains long time series that give an overall picture of the development of our society right up to today.

9 Nov 2023 The schedule for statistical releases in 2024 has been published

Statistics Finland's release calendar on the future releases page now contains information on the statistics to be released in 2024 and their release schedules. The calendar contains releases, reviews and database releases.

8 Nov 2023 Inflation and rising interest rates have placed stress on households – three example families examined

In recent years, inflation, rising interest rates and the tumult in the housing markets have tested different households in a variety of ways. Families with a high variable-rate housing loan and significant essential costs have faced the most difficulty. Statistics Finland’s experts examine the life of three example families. (Tieto&trendit)

10 Oct 2023 Inquiry on prices of alcoholic beverages in licensed restaurants will be transferred from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare to Statistics Finland in November

Statistics Finland starts collecting data monthly on prices of alcoholic beverages in licensed restaurants starting from November 2023. The collected data are mainly used in the consumer price index published by Statistics Finland. 

31 Aug 2023 Price index of electricity corrected in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices; also has an effect on total inflation

Statistics Finland has corrected the sub-index of electricity included in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices in the preliminary data for August. The effect of the correction on the preliminary estimate of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices is 0.70 percentage points of total inflation in August. According to preliminary data, without the adjustment, the year-on-year change in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices would have been 4.05 per cent, while with the adjustment the year-on-year change is 3.35 per cent.

21 Jul 2023 Figures of the building cost index for January to May 2023 were corrected

Statistics Finland found an error in the data of the building cost index, for which reason the time series was corrected retrospectively for the January to May period of 2023. The error occurred in the index calculation in connection with the change of the statistical reference year. The correction does not concern the indices for labour and services.

30 Jun 2023 Change in measurement method in the Consumer Price Index may cause correction to the electricity index series

Statistics Finland has detected a possible need for correction in the electricity sub-index of the Consumer Price Index due to a change in measurement method.

1 Jun 2023 Finland in Figures 2023 – key figures about us

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2023 publication gives an overview of us and our society. All persons living in Finland are included in these figures, as is every home, workplace, pay, education, free-time residence or trip.

27 Apr 2023 New easier-to-use survey and data collection pages launched

We have launched the renewed surveys and data collections section on our website. It is now easier than before to find information about the inquiry to which you are responding, and the pages are also easier to use with mobile devices.

28 Feb 2023 Statistics Finland's new visual image communicates about the future of information

Statistics Finland's visual identity is being renewed. Statistics Finland's strategy and target vision updated in spring 2022 were taken as the basis for the new image. The renewal of the image includes the logo, colour palette, font and other visual identification factors of the organisation. The new image will be gradually introduced into our products and services.

15 Feb 2023 Wealth of information is available on children but it is scattered – developing a knowledge base requires cooperation

Statistics Finland has investigated the state of knowledge on children as part of the National Child Strategy. The aim of this strategy measure was to combine indicators of child wellbeing into a single knowledge base and to identify information gaps. To support future development, a proposal was made for the implementation of a child data portal. 

10 Feb 2023 Changes to legislation concerning Statistics Finland

Amendments are made to the Act on Statistics Finland and the Statistics Act and they enter into force on 1 March 2023. The amendments concern Statistics Finland's new tasks and right to collect data. 

9 Feb 2023 Age group of employment rate changes

Statistics Finland's Labour Force Survey will start reporting the employment rate according to the 20 to 64 age group. Previously the employment rate has been examined in the 15 to 64 age group. The first data according to the new age group division will be published on 21 February 2023. 

30 Jan 2023 Classification of Sectors 2023 handbook published

The Classification of Sectors 2023 has entered into force as from 1 January 2023. A handbook describing the Classification of Sectors 2023 has now been published as a free PDF version. 

25 Jan 2023 Paavo now also describes differences between areas as a time series

In which of Finland’s postal code areas has the population increased most? And decreased? This and much more information can be found in Statistics Finland’s free-of-charge Paavo service, which now also includes a time series. All Paavo statistical data have now been published with the latest classification of postal code areas starting from 2010. 

19 Jan 2023 Statistics Finland is known as a reliable producer of data

According to the business image survey made by Taloustutkimus, Statistics Finland is known by 84 per cent and its data are regarded as reliable by 83 per cent of Finns. Statistics Finland is the second best known of the examined central government organisations.

10 Jan 2023 New Classification of Sectors entered into force at the beginning of the year

Wellbeing services counties started their actual operations on 1 January 2023, and as a result, the new Classification of Sectors has entered into force. The change in the Classification of Sectors concerns the General government sector, where wellbeing services counties are classified into the Local government sub-sector. 

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