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23 Dec 2021 Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year

Statistics Finland wishes you a wonderful holiday season and success for the year 2022!
Season's Greetings from Statistics Finland

22 Dec 2021 Release schedules of statistics for the early part of 2022 published

Statistics Finland's release calendar now contains information on the statistics to be published in January to February 2022.  The release dates for the rest of the year will be published in January.

2 Dec 2021 Statistical classic keeping up with changes in society

The newly published Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2021 is a comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland and Finnish society. The long time series give an overall picture of the development of our society right up to today.

15 Nov 2021 Our website is being renewed – test the beta pages of statistics and give us feedback

We are renewing the content and structure of our website to serve users of statistical data better than before. With the Statistical data beta pages we are now testing the functioning of the new statistical pages from the viewpoint of users.  

14 Oct 2021 What effect has corona crisis had on gender equality?

The corona pandemic has affected men and women in different ways. Women’s employment fell more during 2020, and women also felt that loneliness had increased more often than men did. Remote work grew less among men than among women. The data have been compiled into the Gender Equality in Finland 2021 publication.

5 Oct 2021 Renewed productivity survey – what from here on?

Statistics Finland´s statistics on productivity surveys have been renewed, what do the statistics reveal about productivity development in macroeconomics? Is Finland's productivity poor? This will be talked about in the webinar on 15th October. Programme and registration.

23 Sep 2021 Statistics: a lot of science and a dash of art

Statistics aim to reflect the objective truth. As not everything can be calculated using statistical methods, statistics still include many characteristics of art, writes Juha Martikainen in his blog post (Tieto&trendit).

21 Sep 2021 Meeting people in their daily lives – statistical interviewers collect valuable information

Information collected by statistical interviewers is intended for all of us. People who are selected for interviews of Statistics Finland help us draw a more accurate picture of our time and its characteristics, writes Ulla Phillips in her blog post (Tieto&trendit).

27 Jul 2021 Estimate of one’s own economy in the consumer confidence indicator the most positive in measuring history

The new consumer confidence indicator has been published. The consumer confidence indicator stood at 4.4, which is a slight drop compared to 4.6 in June but still clearly above 2.7 in May. Confidence in the economy is very strong compared to the long-term average for the confidence indicator which is -1.7.

20 Jul 2021 Changes to the unemployment data for the early part of the year

A small difference in the definition of the unemployed has been detected between the data that are delivered to Eurostat and the national data.

18 Jun 2021 Finland in Figures 2021 is about all of us

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2021 publication describes us and the society we live in. The statistics include every Finnish person, home, school, workplace and municipality.

27 May 2021 Statistics Finland and OECD reports examine the economic development of the COVID-19 period and manufacturing enterprises in global value chains

Statistics Finland and the OECD have published two joint reports on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Finnish economy and on the indicators of value added-based international trade by means of more detailed data.

27 May 2021 Quarterly local government finances published for the first time on the service

The responsibility for collecting the quarterly financial data of municipalities and joint municipal authorities was transferred from Statistics Finland to the State Treasury at the start of 2021. The first actual data on quarterly reported local government finances are now available on the State Treasury’s service.

11 May 2021 Annual national accounts data will be published exceptionally in July

The release of annual national accounts data will be postponed by around three weeks due to delayed main source data. The new release date is 14 July, and the data for 2018 to 2020 will then be updated.

21 Apr 2021 Finland becomes member of the United Nations Statistical Commission for 2022 to 2025

The United Nations Economic and Social Council has selected Finland as a member of the United Nations Statistical Commission for the term of 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025. The Director General of Statistics Finland, Markus Sovala, represents Finland in the Statistical Commission.

1 Apr 2021 New schedule published for statistics on Municipal elections

Due to the postponement of the Municipal elections, the publication schedule of Statistics Finland's statistics on Municipal elections has also changed. See the new publication times of the election background analyses and results.

12 Mar 2021 Working conditions are the sum of their parts

Differences in job satisfaction, well-being and showing symptoms between the profiled groups are explained by real differences in working conditions. More observations in the article written by Hanna Sutela and Jere Immonen. (Tieto&trendit)

5 Mar 2021 Job quality profiles reveal division: men clearly more often in “good jobs” than women

There are considerable differences in the quality of working life among wage and salary earners. The segregation by gender in working conditions is also particularly striking, shows the profiling of the results of the 2018 Quality of Work Life Survey. (Tieto&trendit)

3 Mar 2021 Finns commute most to Sweden

At the end of 2015, a total of 2,400 Finns worked in another Nordic country. Over one-half of Finns headed to Sweden to work and good 40 per cent to Norway.

26 Feb 2021 Data on international trade concerning 2019 became revised in national accounts and balance of payments

The data on international trade concerning 2019 became significantly revised in the national accounts data released on 26 February 2021. The updated data were calculated in national accounts based on enterprises' financial statements for 2019 and breakdowns of profit and loss accounts.

25 Feb 2021 Processing of mutual fund dividends from abroad is developed

Statistics Finland and Eurostat are assessing the supplemented source data on primary income received from abroad and its recording. These entries may have an effect especially on the financial balance, current account, financial accounts and gross national income of employment pension schemes and general government.

11 Feb 2021 Markus Sovala appointed Director General of Statistics Finland

The Government has appointed Markus Sovala as Director General of Statistics Finland for a five-year term starting from 1 March 2021. Sovala is currently employed as Economic Policy Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance.

28 Jan 2021 Director General of Statistics Finland Marjo Bruun retires

Marjo Bruun will retire in the end of January. She has held several international positions of trust. Participation in international activities has broadened her perspective not only of the global situation but also on Finland's position among various actors in statistics. 

25 Jan 2021 Paavo describes differences between areas

Which of Finland’s postal code areas has most people living alone? And one-parent households with children? These two new variables and much more information can be found from Statistics Finland’s free-of-charge Paavo service. The service’s data have been updated today, on Paavo's name day.

15 Jan 2021 Corona situation report: Turnover and sales volume of trade growing, the service industry falling

We collect topical statistics, blogs and articles describing the development of the corona situation in Finland into Statistics Finland's corona situation report published every other week.

8 Jan 2021 Work and free time get mixed up more in Finland than elsewhere in Europe

Employees in Finland are contacted outside working hours more than elsewhere in the EU, says Hanna Sutela Tieto in the Tieto&trendit blog. On the other hand, Finns generally read their work email on holiday, even if they are not required to do so. 

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