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Accrual of environmental taxes fell in 2020

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According to Statistics Finland, environmental taxes paid decreased by 4.5 % in 2020 from the year before. Transport taxes paid declined most, as the accrual of them was 10.5 % lower than in the previous year. The change was particularly visible in transport taxes paid by households, transportation and service industries. The accrual of energy taxes also decreased by around 2 % from the previous year. The majority of environmental taxes were paid by households. Environmental taxes paid totalled EUR 6.5 billion, which corresponded to 6.6 % of the total tax revenue.

Key selections

  • Accrual of environmental taxes fell by 4.5 % in 2020
  • Particularly transport and energy taxes paid by households, service industries and energy supply went down. 
  • The majority of environmental taxes were paid by households, other significant payers were transportation, service industries and energy supply.
  • A total of EUR 6.5 billion were paid in environmental taxes, EUR 4.6 billion of which were energy taxes, EUR 1.9 billion transport taxes and EUR 53 million emissions taxes and resource taxes.

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