New orders in manufacturing decreased by 21.9 per cent year-on-year in August 2023

release | New orders in manufacturing 2023, August

According to Statistics Finland, the value of new orders in manufacturing was 21.9 per cent lower in August 2023 than twelve months earlier. During January to August, orders decreased by 9.7 per cent from the year before. Orders have decreased continuously for seven months.

Key selections

  • New orders decreased in August in all examined main industries of manufacturing.
  • Orders declined most in the metal industry.

Changes in the examined main industries

In August, enterprises in all examined main industries received fewer orders than twelve months ago. New orders decreased most in the metal industry, where the value of new orders was 23.9 per cent lower than one year earlier. Orders in the chemical industry decreased by 19.9 per cent and in the manufacture of paper, and paper and board products by 17.3 per cent from one year back.

When interpreting these statistics, it should be borne in mind that they typically show strong fluctuations by month. Even new orders of substantial value are not examined over extended time periods but for the statistical reference month only.


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New orders in manufacturing, trend series by industry (TOL 2008), 2005M01-2023M08

Year-on-year change in new orders in manufacturing 2021M08-2023M08 (original series), % (TOL2008)


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Change in the latest month, cumulative change and change by three-month period, year-on-year (original series), % (TOL 2008)

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Classifications used:
  • Standard Industrial Classification (TOL 2008)
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