Open data

Statistics Finland provides open statistical data for decision-making and research. Open statistical data are available on various topics for the entire country, by municipality, postal code area and map grid. We also offer international statistical data, an example of which is Eurostat's main tables.

Statistics Finland uses the open data licence – CC BY 4.0 licence. Data can be used freely in every possible way provided that the source is mentioned.

Open interfaces

Open database data

You can search for statistical data from free-of-charge databases in the PX-Web API interface in the following formats: XLSX, XML, JSON, JSON-stat, CSV, etc. You can find collected basic data on Statistics Finland's open database data and instructions and links to API interfaces on the Open database data page. You can find further information about the interface in the PxWebApi instructions (PDF).

Open geographic data

You can view or download Statistics Finland's open geographic data from the WMS and WFS interfaces. Statistics Finland also offers data compliant with the INSPIRE Directive both on the WMS interface and on the OGC API - Features interface. Further information about the OGC API – Features standard is available on the OGC website.

You can also utilise the interface data in Statistics Finland's map service, where you can view and download geographic data and compile thematic maps.


You find the classifications published by Statistics Finland with metadata on the following pages:

Questions and feedback:

Other open material

You can download teaching materials suitable for all education levels for teaching statistical methods.

You can use the SISU model code that can be downloaded online for example calculations.

Open data tools

The Github environment contains open source data tools for transferring tables from Statistics Finland's databases and for computerised reading and processing of tables.

Statistics Finland's open data in other services

You can also find Statistics Finland's open data in and the Helsinki Region Infoshare service.