Paavo – Open data by postal code area

Paavo - Open data by postal code area contain the following geographic data:

  • Map data by postal code area
  • Map data by postal code area extending to sea areas
  • Statistical data combined with the map data by postal code area

There are two different versions of the map data: extending to sea areas mainly produced for statistics production, and the version produced from this for map visualisation cut with the coastline. The map data contain the surface areas of the postal code areas and the municipality codes defined for the postal code areas.

The Statistical data are suitable for making various types of regional analyses. It contains information on the population structure, the degree of education, the income of the inhabitants and households, the size of households and life stage, buildings and dwellings, workplaces, and the main activities of the inhabitants.

Description of the data variables

The data are protected. Protected data are indicated with -1. New data are updated annually in January.

More information on the statistical data on the homepage of Paavo.

Interface service addresses

Use these addresses to access the interface services in the GIS software:

National data:                  

  • WMS services:          
  • WFS services: