Remuneration and benefits

Statistics Finland aims to achieve motivating and fair renumeration that supports the personnel's development and applying to more demanding tasks.

Our personnel's wellbeing and development and good balance between work and leisure are important to us. We look after our personnel and offer a comprehensive package of benefits with which we want to promote the wellbeing of every Statistics Finland employee.

How is the pay formed?

The monthly pay consists of two components: task-specific pay component and personal performance component. The personal performance component accounts for 0 to 47 per cent of the task-specific pay component. Performance is evaluated in the annual performance discussion with one's supervisor. 

Our tasks are divided into 16 competence requirement groups:

Competence requirement group Task-specific pay component EUR/month 
1 1,784.66
2 1,895.27
3 1,991.88
4 2,118.17
5 2,221.89
6 2,354.52
7 2,549.34
8 2,761.78
9 2,934.81
10 3,170.04
11 3,449.96
12 3,749.36
13 4,026.14
14 4,377.31
15 4,647.71
16 4,976.68


When you work for us, you will receive, for example:

  • Employer subsidised lunch as well as an exercise and cultural benefit
  • Comprehensive and high-quality occupational health care
  • Flexible working time and extensive remote work opportunities 
  • Work premises in a modern activity-based office with good transport connections in the vicinity of the Kalasatama metro station
  • A free gym and group exercise and sauna facilities in our office building.