Population census 2010

In Finland the population census and the related count of dwellings and real estate are carried out every ten years in accordance with the Population Census Act. The year 2010 was an international census year: population censuses are conducted globally in nearly all countries of the world basing on the 2010 data. The population censuses were conducted for the first time with harmonised contents in all EU Member States.

In Finland the complete set of statistics on the 2010 Population Census contains data describing the population structure, families, dwellings and housing conditions, buildings and free-time residences, and employment. Population censuses are drawn in Finland entirely from registers and administrative files. The reference point of time of the census is 31 December 2010. Results from the Finnish population census were published in related statistics between 2011 and 2012.

Population census figures

Age structure of population

Age structure

Economic dependency ratio


Size of household-dwelling units

Families by family type 1992-2012

Educational structure of population