Classification of enterprises and establishments in data collections from enterprises - classification service for enterprise data collections

When replying to Statistics Finland's inquiries, you may have to sum up your customer data according to sector and industry. Statistics Finland uses information classified according to industry and sector as basic data for several statistics.

This page contains links to tables containing the basic classifications of enterprises and establishments that are operating and that have closed operation. The tables include operating enterprises and enterprises that have closed operation on or after 1 January 2018. The closing limit is the ending of the Business ID. The tables are updated monthly in the early part of the month.

The data files contain the following information:

  • Business ID
  • Name of enterprise
  • Industry at 2-digit level
  • Sector category
  • Type classification of business activity

The values received by the variable “type classification of business activity” are:

  • 1 = Micro enterprise
  • 2 = Small enterprise
  • 3 = Medium size enterprise
  • 4 = Large enterprise
  • 0 = Not specified

The type category is determined separately for each enterprise based on the number of wage and salary earners and turnover and/or balance sheet total, as well as the group relationship.


The classification table data of the classification service for data collections from enterprises have been divided into three CSV files due to the high number of lines. The data are sorted by Business ID into ascending order from the smallest to the biggest figure. You need a user ID and password to open the table. You can request them at rahoitus@stat.fiTables are updated towards the end of the month.

Tables have been updated 2.5.2024.

Sector categories 2023, file 1 (CSV)

Sector categories 2023, file 2 (CSV)

Sector categories 2023, file 3 (CSV)

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