News 26 Feb 2024

Finland's statistics again selected as the best in the world

Finland's statistical ecosystem has been rated best in the world for the second time in a row. Finland again ranked first among 186 countries in the comparison of statistical systems made by the World Bank.

Countries were compared using more than fifty indicators measuring the performance of statistical systems. The data used in the comparison were collected from each country for the year 2022.

Norway came second and Canada third in the comparison.

The total score for Finland was 93.6 out of 100. The score rose by 0.1 compared to 2021.

According to Statistics Finland's Director General Markus Sovala, Finland's success rests on close national cooperation aimed at continuous development of the statistical ecosystem.

“In addition to Statistics Finland, official statistics in Finland are produced by over ten other organisations, and we have built the statistical system in cooperation with them and the agencies that maintain registers. We have access to high-quality basic registers and in many instances we can utilise data well across organisational boundaries.”  

The statistical performance indicators developed by the World Bank measure the capacity and development of national statistical systems by assessing such as the use of the data produced in society, quality of statistical services, data products, sources used in data production, data infrastructure and resources of production.

Finland scored full 100 points for data use and data infrastructure. Finland received the weakest results, under 90 points, for data sources and data products.

The median score in the comparison was 70. The average score was over 80 in high income countries and around 55 in low income countries.

The World Bank has made comparisons since 2016 and the results of the countries have improved every year. Between 2016 and 2022, the average score in different countries has risen by 12 points.

According to the World Bank, national statistical actors play a crucial role in the modern economy. Statistical organisations provide both decision-makers and the public with the latest data on the countries' socio-economic development.

Because high-quality statistics are an indispensable foundation for social decision-making, the evaluation and improvement of the capacity of statistical systems has long been a target for the global community, states the World Bank.

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