News 14 Sep 2020

Corona situation report: More preliminary economic statistics planned for the second half of September

In this situation report we collect recent statistical data describing the corona situation and information on the release times of statistics to be published in the coming week. The publication of accelerated weekly statistics will continue for the time being. 

Selections of recent statistics and articles describing the effects of the corona situation

•    A total of 27 bankruptcies in week 36 (Instant preliminary statistics on bankruptcies 11 September) 
•    Weekly number of deaths until week 35 (Database of experimental statistics 10 September 2020) 
•    New orders in manufacturing fell by 28.5 per cent in July (Index of new orders in manufacturing 10 September 2020)
•    Industrial output grew in July from the month before but fell from the previous year (Volume index of industrial output 10 September 2020)
•    Transport in domestic waterborne traffic decreased in July (Domestic Waterborne Traffic 4 September 2020)
•    Sea transport decreased in July (Foreign Shipping Traffic 4 September 2020)
•    In August, 8,485 new passenger cars were first registered, which was 13.2 per cent fewer than in the corresponding month of the previous year (Statistics on first registrations 4 September 2020).
•    Looking for trees in the forest – the Incomes Register provides information quickly and raises questions (Ossi Tahvonen's blog 4 September 2020) (in Finnish)
•    Business subsidies grew in January to March from one year back (Experimental statistics on business subsidies 3 September 2020) (in Finnish)
•    Prices of old single-family houses fell by 1.3 per cent year-on-year in April to June (Statistics on real estate prices 3 September 2020)

Future statistics describing the corona situation

17 September 2020 Numbers of deaths per week, rapid estimate
18 September 2020 Numbers of bankruptcies per week, flash estimate
18 September 2020 Experimental early estimate for the economy 
22 September 2020 Labour force survey, July
28 September 2020 Experimental early estimate for the economy based on the volume of truck transport
29 September 2020 Consumer confidence, September
29 September 2020 Partial-year statistics on business subsidies 

Situation picture of the economy is updated

We will update our review of the economic situation published at the end of August with the latest data on 25 September. View the situation picture (in Finnish). 

This is how to find statistical data on the corona situation

We collect statistics describing the corona situation on Statistics Finland's corona pages. Eurostat’s Covid-19 page also contains much information and data describing the situation on the EU level. Links to the latest weekly statistics on the numbers of bankruptcies and deaths can be found on the page about the effects of corona. News on topical statistics can be found in the news section of our website. 
Statistics Finland's research services continue to cooperate with Helsinki GSE. The situation room reports can be found on the Helsinki GSE website.

For the time being, the Library of Statistics has been closed to visitors. The lending service operates as agreed. 

Statistics Finland’s statistics and services can be found on the pages. The Information Services help in finding statistical information by telephone at +358 29 551 2220 or by email at You can also inquire about statistics with the Ask about statistics form.