Changes in the database table and releases of new orders in manufacturing

Data added to the database table

Statistics Finland starts publishing data on the three-month moving and cumulative annual change of the original index series on new orders in manufacturing as percentages in the StatFin database service. ⁠Data were added to the present database table 111h-New orders in manufacturing (2015=100). The names of the new variables are
Cumulative year-on-year change of the original index series, % and
Three-month moving year-on-year change of the original index series, %.

The published data start from the year 2006.

Classification change in releases

Statistics Finland's uniform classification versions have been adopted in the releases of the index of new orders in manufacturing. This is a technical change and the content of the classifications has not changed. Codes for the second hierarchy level have been added to the name of the top aggregate level. Code C Manufacturing is currently 17, 20-21, 24-30 Manufacturing (new orders). The codes of the other published aggregate industries have remained unchanged.

The changes will be valid starting from the July 2022 release on 9 September 2022.

Further information

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